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Get over someone
2020-05-25 14:34   审核人:

Input: Yu Pin
Source: putclub

短语 “get over something” 的意思是 “从不愉快的事情中恢复过来”;“get over someone” 的意思则是 “忘记一个人”,因为和这个人之间可能曾经发生过不愉快的事情,它多用在描述人们在分手后,忘掉过往和对方的语境中。




I feel ready to move on now and think about the future – I think I'm finally getting over my ex.



I really want to ask Sophia out for dinner, but I don’t think she has got over her ex-boyfriend yet. They only split up a month ago.


My friends are taking me out for dinner tonight. I don't feel like going out but they are trying to help me get over James.



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