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An Implementation Program for Management by Laws
2017-05-14 18:34   审核人:

To speed up our college’s legalization construction process for ensuring a coordination, healthy, rapid and comprehensive development of various undertakings of our college, this implementation program formulated according to the “Opinions regarding to Strengthening Management by Laws” issued by the Ministry of Education and combined with the practice of our college.

I:Guiding Ideology

Taking Deng Xiaoping’s democratic and legalization theory and "Three Represents" important thought as guidance and thoroughly implementing the scientific concept of development, it is necessary to activelyimplement a basic general plan of management by laws according to state education laws and regulations. Tightly around the college’s educational goals to accelerate the management process by laws, it should fully bring the education legal system into roles in standardization, guidance and guarantee functions in the college reform and development and it could make varied works of the college orderly operated by laws for safeguarding the national education policies to be carried out and the quality education to be fully implemented.

II:Work Objectives

It is to strengthen the socialist legal publicity and education for improving the legal quality of college leading cadres, teachers and students; to establish and improve more perfect college articles and relevant regulations and rules matched with the national education legislation for upgrading decision making by laws, democratic management and supervision levels of the college, for safeguarding the legitimate interests of teachers, staff and students of the college by laws. It is to achieve the institutionalization, standardization, programming and specialization on the college management and operation by laws for ensuring the college’s management effectiveness by laws. It is also to create a teaching environment in accordance with the spirit of the rule by laws for a leapfrog development of the college to further improve education quality and the efficiency of the college and to make great efforts to promote the ability of our college to a new level on management by laws.

III:Main Tasks

1To strengthen legal education and improve the quality of laws

It is to complete the legal educationn organization of the college and to implement the management responsibilities for ensuring the legal education to be carried out by plan. Firstly, it is to improve the legal education system for teachers and staff and to put the legal education into the training programs and assessment content on cadres and teachers. The legal lectures shall be regularly organized for ensuring leading cadres at all levels and teachers to arrange some time to study the education legal knowledge. Secondly, it is to improve legal education accountability and legal education systems regarding to the relevant laws. It is to further increase the educational work on laws and regulations, especially on the various relevant laws and regulations of the study and publicity regarding to the education. Thirdly it is to strengthen the legal knowledge teaching work on students and continue to design the course of "legal basis" and other relevant compulsory courses well and to increase a certain number of legal electives courses. It shall achieve implementation of workable measures on lesson plan, class hour, teaching materials and teachers, called "Four implementations". It is to actively create a favorable legal education environment for making a transform of teachers, staff and students from improving the legal system concept to enhancing the legal quality. The task is to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion of the management work by laws in our school.

2To formulate the college articles and complete the management systems

It is to organize relevant departments to carry out research, discussion and formulate the college articles for classifying, checking up and revising the existing management systems, such as human power resources, teaching, scientific research, students, adult education, laboratory equipment, financial affairs, logistical and other management regulations and rules. If there is any omission found, it should be filled up. If there is any conflict with the national laws and regulations found or any inconformity with the principles and spirit of the education reform found, it should promptly be modified or repealed for avoiding any management loopholes problems or disputes happened. The task is to further improve management regulations and rules on cadre selection, appointment and management, human power resources management, audit and supervision, contract management, bidding management, etc. for ensuring the standardization and institutionalization on the management by laws to strengthen education management and property and funds management in our college.

3To strengthen management by laws and promote school spirit building

The management by laws is the important content of the school spirit building. In the administrative construction field, we should establish the philosophy of the management by laws to enhance office and departments efficiency construction, to improve the objectives responsibility system and to ensure the administration according to laws, the standardized management and the efficiency improved. In teaching style construction field, we should improve various systems to enhance teachers’ morality and teachers’ spirit construction for continuous improving the teachers' moral level and legal quality. We should standard the teaching behavior to promote academic spirit and to rigorously govern teaching activities for striving for excellence to ensure the teaching activities by laws. It is to avoid any academic corruption and put an end to violations of student’s personal rights caused by teachers. In study style construction field, it is necessary to establish and improve various rules and regulations for meeting a strict management demand while active doing the legal education work on students well. The aim is to let the majority of students to establish a strong legal awareness and social responsibility for understanding the requirements and criterion of being an upright person and learning to achieve the college’s motto requirements of "integrity, rigorous, realistic and hard".

4To strengthen democratic supervision and to improve the public work quality on the college affairs

It is to improve the teachers and staff congress system for clearing and understanding the deliberative, policy-making and supervision procedures on the college major affairs and matters involving the vital interests of teachers and staff for playing an important role of the college teachers and staff congress in democratic management and supervision by laws. It is to improve the organization structure in the public work on the college affairs in the college two levels (departments, sections and rooms) for ensuring the full implementation of this work. It is necessary to formulate the standardized construction of the public college affairs on content, form, approaches, time, procedures and supervision and other aspects for further improving the public systems on the work procedures and work results and other items.

5To establish the internal complain mechanism and safeguard the legitimate interests of teachers, staff and students

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers, staff and students of our college for promoting the college administration departments to carry out their duties according to laws, it is necessary to improve the internal complain system based on the "Education Law" and "Higher Education Law" and other laws and regulations and combined with the actual conditions of our college to clear the acceptance and hearing and processing departments responsible for the college internal complaints and for standardizing working procedures and mechanisms on the complaints handling . We should open channels smooth for complaints and safeguard the statement right, the defense right and the appeal right of teachers, staff and students for fair and just handling complaints issues raised by teachers, staff and students and maintaining the lawful rights and interests of teachers, staff and students to ensure the stability of our college and to further promote the democratic management process in our college.

6To strengthen a clean and honest construction and to promote the college’s management by laws

We should strengthen the Party's discipline, enhance the sense of responsibility and regulate political behavior and these efforts should be carried out as the college’s important tasks for improving the management by laws and ensuring the college development. It is necessary to further strengthen Party’s inner-supervision, clear the lean and honest construction responsibilities of members of leading bodies at all levels for improving the leadership responsibility. It is necessary to improve the assessment mechanism onthe clean and honest construction responsibilities and the main tasks, responsible requirements on the clean and honest construction responsibilities system should be carried out to the leaders in charge, responsible departments and relevant personnel. We should create an investigation and affixing responsibility system on the clean and honest construction. If any leading cadre violating of the provisions of the investigation and affixing responsibility system on the clean and honest construction must be investigated and affixed so that it means strict administering the Party and managing the college by laws. .

IV:Work Measures

1To establishment of institutions and strengthen leadership

Our college shall establish a leading group of managing the college by laws, responsible for the organization, coordination and inspection on the implementation and promotion work of the managing the college by laws, and an office shall be set up under the leading group. The leading group will comprise of the college leaders in charge and the responsible persons of relevant functional departments. Meanwhile, each unit will also set up appropriate institutions to implement hierarchical management duties and to bear its responsibility for ensuring that the management work by laws could be carried out at all levels and each chain, so that it could ensure the successful completion of various tasks.

2To strengthen publicity and to raise awareness

Our college shall strengthen various forms of publicity for widely publicizing the objectives, meaning and practices of management by laws, so that the majority of teachers and students, especially leading cadres at all levels could fully understand the importance and necessity of this work and it could enhance the sense of urgency and responsibilities and boost them actively participate in the managing the college by laws.

3.To strengthen cooperation and coordination and to achieve an overall advancement

Under the unified leadership of our college, all units should fulfill their respective responsibilities, dividing work, cooperating closely, to do the work of managing the college by laws well with a creative way. The leading group the college will carry out the whole implementation process tracking, guidance, and inspection to each unit working on the managing the college by laws.

4To establish and implement the responsibility system for managing the college by laws

The main person in charge of each unit is the unit primarily responsible person for managing the college by laws. This work should be included in the agenda and the plans and systems and implement measures should be worked out, firmly grasped and implemented. The ability to effectively carry out the administrating the college by laws and managing the college by laws will be the important content for examining a person in charge at all levels in the annual assessment work performance.

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