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Administrative Interim Measures on "Sunshine Fund" of Guizhou Police Officer Vocational College
2017-09-15 18:30   审核人:


I: Guiding Ideology

In order to carry out the funded work better for poor students (hereinafter referred to as "poor students") in our college and effectively guarantee their successful completion of their studies, according to the "Notice for Effectively Solving Difficulty of College or University Students from Poor Families issued by the General Office of the State Council” (Guo Ban Fa No. [2004] 68) and other relevant documents and the instructions of the Provincial Education Bureau,Guizhou Police College established the measures combined with the practice of our college.



II: Source of Funds

The source of funds could be donations by enterprises, institutions, social groups and individuals by some lawful channels and the grants by our college and donations by teachers, staff or students in our college.



III Regulatory Agency

"Sunshine Fund" shall unitarily be supervised by the Poor Student Financial Assistance Management Center of our college (hereinafter referred to as Management Center).



IV Condition of Funded Student

1、The funded student shall love the socialist motherland, support the Chinese Communist Party's leadership;

2、The funded student should consciously abide by the Constitution and laws, should comply with the college regulations and the stipulations and rules and the funded student should have moral quality and live thriftly;

3、The funded student should study hard and seriously with good marks;

4、The family of the funded student is belonging to economic difficulty, mainly referring to soldiers dependants or revolutionary martyrs and urban extremely poor households or households located in old revolutionary regions, minor ethnic groups, bordering areas or poor areas.


5、The funded student has not obtained any national (provincial) scholarships, state (provincial) grants or other large rescue yet.


VE:valuation and Distribution

1、In principle, the evaluation proportion shall be 2% of the total students of the college and the amount does not exceed RMB 2,000 yuan / year • person;

2、The student to be funded shall submit a written application, through examination and approval by the battalion then the battalion shall issue a testify on the study and living condition of the student matched with other relevant certificates and all of these supporting materials shall be submitted to the management center. After approval and publicity by the management center, the application shall be submitted to the President’s Meeting for approval.


3、The period to a funded student shall be for one year, one year later, it should be re-applied for again and the funded process shall be carried out again same as the above mentioned procedures.


VI:Use of Grants

Grant recipients must ensure that the grants to be used as tuition fee and living expenses, shall not be diverted to other purposes. If a student of receiving grants breaches of discipline within one year, the full grants should be recovered.


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