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Those pursuing domestic technology innovations must not cut corners
2018-08-17 08:29   审核人:

Input: Yu Pin

Source: China Daily editorial


It is shocking that the Redcore browser, which its “developers” boasted as being the first domestically produced browser with self-developed core technology, was exposed on Thursday as being one based on Google Chrome.

AllMobilize, the company behind the product, called the software China’s first web browser using fully self-developed intellectual property when it announced on Wednesday that in its latest funding round it had secured a further 250 million yuan ($36.3 million) from venture capital investors.

However, users looking through the browser’s installation directory had discovered a file named “chrome.exe” along with files containing the Chrome logo. After the revelations, the download installer for Redcore was removed from the company’s website.

One of the company’s chief developers has reportedly stated that the software is based on the framework of Google Chrome, but has insisted that the core browser technology was developed by the company as it incorporates their innovations.

There are two questions that need to be answered: Whether the browser does employ domestically developed core technology and, even if it does, have the intellectual property rights of Google been infringed upon.

China has been paying more attention to protecting the intellectual property rights of foreign companies and has strengthened the country’s laws and enforcement, increasing the price to be paid for violations. If the browser proves to be a total sham and AllMobilize is in violation of the US company’s intellectual property rights then it should be duly punished.

It is important that those caught infringing intellectual property rights pay a heavy price for their misdeeds to deter others from similar wrongdoing.

Heavily penalizing violators will also help ensure a proper environment for domestic research and development. A lot of researchers and entrepreneurs seem to forget that all innovations and scientific discoveries are based on relentless efforts and perseverance. Instead, they try and cut corners, in a bid to make money as quickly as possible.

Lessons should also be drawn about how to create an environment in which scientific research is conducted and technological innovations are pursued with the right attitude.

This is of particular importance at a time when breakthroughs in core technologies, those in information technology in particular, have been emphasized as being badly needed so the country is not dependent on others.

That requires honesty and integrity in domestic research and development to produce genuine innovations.

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