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20-nation police experts gathered in Guiyang to discuss the six major issues of "Big Data + Police Affairs"
2019-05-26 19:58   审核人:

Input: Yu Pin

Source: GZPC

On May 26th, the second "China-ASEAN and neighboring countries big data police international exchange and cooperation forum" was opened in Gui'an New District of Guiyang. Police elites, big data research experts and well-known experts from 20 countries and regions with nearly 300 representatives of Internet companies participated in the forum.

This forum focuses on the theme of “Big Data and Social Governance Modernization” and conducts high-end dialogue and academic exchanges from both theoretical and practical levels.The forum focuses on big data + public safety, big data + crime management, big data + network security, big data + police command, big data + police training, big data + smart transportation and other six big data policing issues in-depth discussions will jointly provide suggestions for the new development of police work in the era of big data, the new path of regional police exchanges and cooperation, the construction of the “Belt and Road” security guarantee, and even the global security governance.


It is known that this forum will focus on the new topic of big data and social governance modernization, share and exchange experiences, practices and approaches to use big data to improve police effectiveness, and explore the deep integration of big data and social governance modernization.Using the results of big data and technological innovation, strives to promote the development of law enforcement safety cooperation to predictability, precision and efficiency, improve the ability to predict and prevent various types of security risks, and promote global security governance and maintain world security and stability.

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