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Comrade Yang Chengjun hosts the debriefing conference on duty and integrity of GZPC's Party committee
2018-03-07 10:08   审核人:

Input and Translate: Yu Pin

Source: Li Hui (Political Department)

On the afternoon of March 6, Yang Chengjun, Party committee member of the Public Security Bureau and Party Secretary of the College hosted the debriefing conference on duty and integrity of GZPC's Party committee members in 2017. He Chengjun, Director of the Department of Political Affairs of the Public Security Bureau attended the conference.The leaders of the college and the cadres and teachers who is or above deputy directors of the college were present too.

Yang Chengjun, on behalf of the college party committee, reviewed the college Party committee’s work and integrity in 2017 from seven aspects: the college’s political construction, party building, college administration, service to society, poverty alleviation, goal management, and anti-corruption work.He said during 2017, the college Party committee led and united all the college staff and teachers and students to work hard with courage facing all the challenges and achieving the goal of upgrading the college. The college has won the provincial first-class managemnet assessment first prize and innovation excellence award for three consecutive years.Yang also pointed out the shortcomings and problems existing in our work from six aspects and made clear the advancing direction.In 2018, the college Party committee would work hard under the leadershipe of CPC as they always do.

All the attendees conducted evaluations of the college Party committee.The debriefing conference ended successfully.


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