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College Heads Visit Poverty–stricken Families in Yulong Village
2016-06-29 18:57   审核人:

Input: Xiong Song

Source: Wei Yingliang (Discipline Inspection Commission)

On June 27, president Liu Peng, vice president Hao Yimin, Ms. Luo Ling, secretary of the college’s Discipline Inspection Commission visited the poverty–stricken families in Yulong, a village of Yushui Town, Dushan county, where the college’s poverty alleviation team was stationed.

Accompanied by two local cadres and Luo Hang, the college’s village-stationed team leader, the college heads visited the families of some elder Party members and poor local residents, inquiring their actual needs and hardships. During the talks, president Liu said the issue of poverty had always been a priority concerned by the Party committees and government at all levels. Liu encouraged the poor villagers to strive for shaking off poverty under the leadership of CPC and attaining a moderately high standard of living.

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