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News and Events
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· GZPC's 2018 recruitment of college students 2018/03/15 
· No.3 training course for Qiandongnan's policing instructors 2018/03/14 
· Signing of responsibility for the comprehensive management of public security 2018/03/13 
· The 1st training division visit the poverty alleviation station in Dushan 2018/03/10 
· The college organizes thematic education activity on Mar 8, Women's Day 2018/03/10 
· The Security Division and the Police Station in the administrative area jointly conduct security skills tra... 2018/03/09 
· The Investigation Group of the Political Bureau of the Public Security Department of Inner Mongolia Autonom... 2018/03/09 
· Comrade Yang Chengjun hosts the debriefing conference on duty and integrity of GZPC's Party committee 2018/03/07 
· GZPC's 17 scientific research achievements win the 2017 "Science and Technology to Strengthen Police" Award... 2018/03/06 
· Comrade Yang Chengjun and Zhang Erhong attend the democratic life conference of GZPC 2018/03/01 
· Comrade Yang Chengjun meets Professor Zhang Guang from PPSUC 2018/02/28 
· GZPC wins the advanced unit of comprehensive work on security and stability 2018/02/27 
· Director Han Jianhua Conveys the Spirit of the Provincial Ministerial Meeting 2018/02/13 
· Yang Chengjun Conveys the Spirit of the Provincial Government Work Conference and the Provincial Public Sec... 2018/02/12 
· Vice-president Hao Yimin Leads a Delegation to Visit the Needy People at the Poverty Alleviation Station in... 2018/02/09 
· Comrade Yang Chenjun Hosts a Symposium to Collect Opinions and Suggestions about Democratic Life Conference 2018/02/03 
· The College Leaders led by Secretary Yang Chenjun Visit Retired Cadres 2018/02/01 
· Guizhou Police College Won “Excellent Campus in Guizhou Province” 2018/01/24 
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