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· Chinese ancient poetry recitation contest 2018/06/18 
· Closing Ceremony of the Second Teaching Skills Contest of Guizhou Police College 2018/06/17 
· GZPC conducts a lecture on confidential education 2018/06/15 
· Secretary Yang Chengjun held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the important instructions of the pr... 2018/06/06 
· Comrade Yang Chengjun attends the provincial degree office's research meeting on plans to add new units for... 2018/06/04 
· The Foreign Police Training Program of the Public Security Ministry : China-ASEAN and its neighboring count... 2018/06/03 
· Vice president Chen Baoxiang leads a team to Lianyungang 2018/06/03 
· Computer Science Department organizes "smart" training activities 2018/06/02 
· The Teachers from GZPC's Public Security Management Department Visit Jiangsu Police Institute 2018/05/31 
· Preaching "Supervision Law of the People's Republic of China" in GZPC 2018/05/30 
· "Three ablitity" training seminars and testing activities 2018/05/28 
· Army enlisted student representatives' advanced deeds report 2018/05/19 
· Ideological and political work inspection and evaluation 2018/05/16 
· "Campus Charm"-- English Song Sining Contest 2018/05/15 
· Publicity and education on "Disaster's Prevention and Reduction" in GZPC 2018/05/11 
· Mr. Li Jinguo from Law Department preached constittutional knowledge for all officers of Fuquan Prison 2018/05/07 
· Xie Hua, Gong Zhoujie and Zeng Yuan attended the special training for the constition amendment 2018/05/06 
· Vice president Hao Yimin attends the "Youth Study" -- "May 4th" Thematic Day Activity 2018/05/05 
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