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· Welcome the supervision and inspection of the employment and entrepreneurship work of the Provincial Depart... 2020/10/09 
· Comrade Yang Chengjun investigates and guides the ideological and political construction of the law major o... 2020/10/09 
· The 2020 freshmen's opening ceremony and military training report 2020/10/01 
· Learning activity of the Youth Theory Study Group in the third quarter 2020/09/25 
· The representative team of our college has achieved good results in the 4th Guizhou Province Field Sports O... 2020/09/22 
· 2020 freshman military training mobilization 2020/09/15 
· Welcome the 2020 freshmen 2020/09/14 
· Symposium on the establishment of model department 2020/09/14 
· 2020 Teacher's Day commendation conference 2020/09/11 
· Special report meeting on education rectification of Guizhou Police College 2020/09/09 
· "Listen to my ideological and political lecture" contest completes 2020/09/08 
· Review the Police oath 2020/09/05 
· Visit the Veterans of the Anti-Japanese War 2020/09/04 
· Class Inspection in the New Semester 2020/09/01 
· Wu Yiwen Goes to Qiannan Prefecture for Research 2020/08/24 
· Guizhou Police College's "Civil Code" Preaching Team Conducts Publicity Activities in the Countryside 2020/08/23 
· Mobilization and Deployment Meeting for Education and Rectification of the Police 2020/08/19 
· The 2020 Physical Fitness Assessment of Civil Servants for Public Security Graduates of Public Security Col... 2020/08/16 
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